Father, Lover, Scientist, Leader and Agent of Change
June 16, 1939 – October 25, 2015

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Feel free to share your condolences or favorite memory of Marshall.

3 thoughts on “MARSHALL BERMAN

  1. Sad news. I learned to like Marshall like a brother. His sharp mind, his scientific thinking and his wise comments were always a welcome contribution to our Friendly Philosopher group which he was leading before I took over due to his other commitments. He actively joined us every chance he had until he left for Colorado. We all had some wonderful, memorable times with him, and I will always think of Marshall whenever I run into a “coincidence”.
    Our sincerest condolences to his family.
    Attila & Demecia Csanyi

  2. I always looked up to Marshall. I can remember a time going with Brian to some science symposium where Marshall was presenting on an energy source the size of a marble that could power the space shuttle to outer space. I was enthralled and amazed at his passion for science. He was a herald for STEM before there was STEM. Wish I could be there with you guys. Your Dad was a great man and will always be remembered.

  3. Marshall was my first manager shortly after I began work at Sandia as a secretary. I was initially overwhelmed by the bureaucracy (having worked for only small companies in my career) when Marshall handed me a project. I said to him, “how do you handle this”? Marshall’s reply was classic: “The way I handle it is to give it to you to figure out how to handle it”! He was the best and kindest person and a joy to work with.

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